Monday, May 12, 2008

What to expect from a session

My goal is to capture the personality and true self of those I photograph. If that means getting down on the floor and playing with a child, rocking a baby for comfort, chasing after a toddler at the park, or waiting for a feeding or clothes change.... you can be assured that I will do whatever it takes to get those special, relaxed shots (yes, even if it means doing a silly dance!).

I prefer to use natural lighting. This can be done in a well-lit area of your own home, in your yard, or at a favorite park. I find that the familiar, homey settings create even more meaningful portraits for your walls.

Sessions usually last from 30 minutes to up to 2 hours. Sometimes it takes a little while for children to warm up to a strange person with a camera (although as a mother, I promise that I'm NOT scary or intimidating!), and so I like to plan for some time to get aquainted.

What to wear?
.....Think simple! Newborns look best in their birthday suits (clothes don't tend to fit them yet, anyway!). Gather favorite blankets, especially those with texture! Dress children in solid colors (stripes or other geometrical patterns are fine), but avoid busy prints.  Families don't all need to dress the same, but it's good to coordinate. For instance, pick a theme: pastels, shades of blue, red-blue (a great combination!), jeans, khakis, etc. I have two suggestions: look for family photos that you like and try to copy their style. Then lay out a bunch of clothes options on a bed and eye what goes well and what stands out too much.

After your session, you can expect an e-mail with your photo gallery. These are not the finished prints, but simply a preview. Choose your favorite shots and any special requests (ie-"Please make image #6 black and white"). Within 2 weeks (and usually much sooner), you will receive a disk with the full-size image files, including a copyright release so that you can make as many prints as you'd like. Please see pricing for further details.

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