Sunday, October 26, 2008

Andrea & Dan

I had a blast taking my sister's family pictures a few weeks ago. I was excited to try out my brand new camera (probably not the smartest idea, before I'd gotten used to it!). We met right at sunrise in downtown Arlington near the river. Gorgeous location!

My first two favorites were sunrise sillouettes. I couldn't believe how lucky we were to get such vibrant colors!



Just up the shore from the river was an unused train track. I love this shot of their little family walking.


Aren't my sister and niece gorgeous? I love the colors in this one (we tried some family shots a few feet down from this location, and you would not believe how bright that newly-risen sun was!)


Next, a change of clothes and a drive down the street for a different feel.


These shots by a purple door are probably my favorites! What a beautiful family!


LOVE this one!!


We had to do a few of Vanessa alone. Don't I have the cutest niece??


By this point in the shoot, Vanessa was NOT wanting to sit still (do you blame her?). She was being silly here, and I lucked out to catch her looking back at me.


Another favorite of Vanessa. I love her little profile, and the steam on the window. I love all of the colors in this part of Arlington!


One last family shot....I love these guys! I'm so glad they live close enough to get together (although most days it's not close enough!!)



Andrea Marie Photo said...

Laura!! These are so beautiful!! Your pictures and edits are so perfect. You did such an amazing job, THANK YOU!!! I can't wait to display these in our new home!

Safire said...

So cute! :) What a cute family.

Jessica F. said...

Such great pictures! They are so beautiful!!!

mischaanddonovan said...

LOVE the pictures! It doesn't look like you need to get used to the new camera at all! The look so amazing!

Kirstina said...

Beautiful beautiful pictures!!! The location are amazing and it has to help that they are pics of some of my most favorite people in the world!!!
I am pretty sure if I ever get married we will have to fly you out for photography (Andrea already called doing bridals-sorry ;))
-Tina Hatch (Daniel's little sis)

Ashley McNair said...


Yaya said...

You are an amazing photographer!