Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Old favorites, revisited

I was recently looking through some older photos, and found this picture of newborn Mason, which I fell in love with all over again. Now, a couple of months afterwards, I think that this picture is my favorite of him.

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This is a slightly older photo that I took at my Grandma's funeral. Someone alerted me to the fact that they were getting ready to release doves, and I turned around just in time to capture this inspirational shot (well, to me at least!). I have had the opportunity to be a photographer at two funerals in the last few years, and strangely enough, I love it. There is something special about the cross-roads of life--birth, weddings, and funerals. Despite the sadness that surrounds most funerals, I have found the emotions and reunions and memories that surround funerals to be touching and priceless.

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Lis said...

That bird picture looks like something out of a movie! Its so awesome!!! But sad. I love the pic of Mason too! awww!

Andrea Marie Photo said...

I love those two pictures. It's amazing you caught that moment with those three birds all flying at different stages.

heather0124 said...

the photo is simply amazing...i really can't stop staring at it. it's very meaningful.

Tanja said...

wow-very amazing pictures.... i love it