Monday, November 10, 2008

The Twins' family!

This was another completely spontaneous photo shoot. The weather was gorgeous, my friend Safire's husband was coming home from work early that day, and we jumped on the chance to get their family photos done. I was jsut stunned by the amazing Fall colors....right in their backyard!

Safire and her boys (Daddy was getting big sister and the family dog rounded up)

Both boys (and big sister, too) are so loved! Safire is a great mom!
Again....the COLORS!
What a cute family! Can you believe how good Soot, their dog, was being in the pictures? Granted, right after this series of shots is when she jumped into the creek....But she was a very good listener here!
One of my favorites--I love the family interaction here!
Aww! Mom and Dad. I think they said it had been YEARS since they'd gotten their pictures taken together.

Butterfly, the 3 year old, loves playing with Daddy.
It won't be long before they won't be able to play like this....they grow up so fast!

I had so much fun with these guys! I had tons more that I loved, but like always, I had to pick only a few to share. :)


Safire said...

So great! Thanks again for this!

Lis said...

great job! I love the fall colors and I love the picture of them all laughing! how cute!

Anie said...

WOW!! SO many good ones!! I love the one of them walking with the beautiful fall colors in the background. I also love the last one of Butterfly on her daddy's shoulders! SO SWEET!!

Andrea Marie Photo said...

I LOVE the fifth one!! Love all the candid shots and beautiful colors. Those pictures of the mom & dad are soo gorgeous.

Yaya said...

Oh wow! Those pictures are amazing! And what a beautiful family!!!

Misty Rice-Baniewicz said...

Hi I already found you on iheartfaces, and I enjoyed browsing your blog. Love your work. I am a newbie at photography. Been doing for about a year now I guess, and over the last 5 or 6 months really learning a lot.

I look forward to learning from you. (also)

Stop by and give any tips

God Bless

Becky said...

These are GREAT!!!

It is a shame you arent closer to me or I would have you do our family photos this year!!!

Love all of them!